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The summer will be colorful

This summer is going to be colorful. Brightly colored clothes are the must-have for every style-conscious woman. Whether lemon-yellow top, grass-green chinos or pink clutch – with these colors you will definitely be an eye catcher. And this year we even go one step further.

What used to be a no-go is now a trend: The key word is “color blocking”. Combining glowing and bright colors gives every woman a dynamic and confident look. And you can hardly go wrong. Just look what color suits your type and which you like best. The greatest effect can be achieved by contrasting colors with the same intensity. In addition, the forms of the garments should be kept simple and classic. Otherwise, no limits are set to color blocking. The more daring, the better. And after the trend, you can simply continue to use individual pieces of clothing as basics.

Try it out now! Wearing bright colors, good mood is guaranteed!

Enjoy the summer!

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