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Sun cream - Be part of the crème de la crème

How to put on sun cream properly

Beach, sea and sun - Do you also enjoy the summer? We hope so! But beware: Every holiday is in danger when you notice that your skin is stretched and reddened after a long sun bath. Yes, we are talking about painful sunburn.

An unpleasant experience, especially because your skin will never forget sunburn. Due to burns not only the top layer is afected, but also the underlying layers of your skins. This increases the risk of skin cancer immensely, and the skin starts aging faster. Therefore you are always supposed to put on sun cream and heed the following tips:

Put on sunscreen generously. Only a certain amount per square can ensure a sufficient sun protection for your skin. Moreover, you should never miss parts of your body. Then sunburn can be even painful and harmful on earlobes and feet.

To ensure maximum protection, you should leave the sun cream on at least 15-30 minutes before going out in the sun. Put on some lotion in regular intervals and thus refresh your sunscreen every two hours. Especially after a bath the protection is usually lost.

Therefore: Do not forget to put on suncream!

We wish you a sunburn-free summer!